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2009–2010 Handbook


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     Greeting From the Board of Directors                                                            


     Mission Statement






     General Information


                   Mandatory Fundraising Commitment

                   Commencement of Classes

                   Family Discounts


                   Cancellation Policy

                   Dress Code

                   Rules & Regulations

                   Cancellation of Classes


                   Year End Display

                   Communication with Parents


     Parental Commitment


                   Tag Day

                   Volunteer policy

                   Bingo policy


     Travel Policy


     Gymnasts Code of Conduct


     Parents Code of Conduct


     How to Contact Us


     Sponsorship Program


     Corporate Partners








We welcome you to one of the major gymnastics clubs in Manitoba and Western Canada.


Panthers is run as a not-for-profit gymnastics club.  It is overseen by a volunteer parent board of directors. Any monies raised for the club through fees, fundraising, and grants goes directly to the administration of the programs and equipment for the gymnasts.


Panthers has a long tradition of striving for excellence in program delivery, individual achievement, coaching, development, sport promotion, and facility improvement. Our parent body works diligently to improve our Club and offer a safe and supportive environment for our children. We tend to consider ourselves as a gymnastics family, and we are please to have you as a member. We look forward to getting to know you.


Have a great year.



From your Board of Directors





The Panthers Gymnastics Club is committed to the development of a positive, cooperative, and supportive atmosphere for participation in all levels of the sport of gymnastics.


The Club is committed to the belief that gymnasts can best be supported through a full spectrum of introductory and development programs. As such, the decisions and actions of the Club are based on the development and maintenance of appropriate programs to ensure that all children have the opportunity to become as competent in gymnastics as they personally strive to become.


The Club is committed to maintaining a presence in all aspects of the art and sport of gymnastics.





·         To develop and maintain technical programs that allow all children to fully realize their potential.

·         To develop, support, and maintain sufficient qualified Coaches to provide a full range of club programs.

·         To recruit and retain Volunteer Directors with sufficient knowledge and expertise to guide the activities of the club.

·         To develop, support, and maintain a Talent identification and Recruitment system to ensure a consistent succession of competitive athletes and coaches.

·         To generate appropriate Financial resources to meet club programming needs.




·         Panthers Gymnastics Club was formed in 1966 as a parent-run organization.  In 1990 we moved to our current permanent facilities.  From these outstanding facilities we continue to provide high quality gymnastics programs to children from all over Winnipeg and the surrounding regions. 

·         Since the early 1990’s Panthers Gymnastics Club has been proud of the coaching skills provided by the husband and wife team of head coaches, Robert Persechino and Hélène Desmarais.  Robert and Hélène both hold the NCCP Level 4 coaching designation, which is the highest coaching certification achievable in gymnastics.  They both have received the prestigious national “Coach of the Year” award in 1995 and 1998 respectively.  In 2000 Robert became a Master course conductor for NCCP 1 and 2.  To keep up-to-date on the current rules and regulations of gymnastics both Robert and Hélène sit on several Provincial and National level committees.  Under their leadership, Panthers is emerging as an important training gym in Canada, with a capable team of coaches supporting athletes at every level of development. Hélène Desmarais is also a nationally certified judge.

·         During the 1999 Pan Am Games, Panthers Gymnastic Club was the training site for the Canadian National Women’s Gymnastics Team.

·         Panther gymnast, Lynette Wittmeier represented Canada at the 1988 Olympics.

·         Katie McAvoy earned her “B” carded status at the World Championships in Switzerland.

·         December 1997, Panther gymnasts Katie McAvoy, Krista Hirose, Leah Dlot and Jholeen Ponce all earned a place in the High Performance Program for Canada at the Elite Canada Competition in Montreal. 

·         July 1998, Panther gymnasts Katie McAvoy, Krista Hirose and Jholeen Ponce all represented Canada at the International Pacific Alliance Championships in Winnipeg.

·         Katie McAvoy obtained a full gymnastics scholarship to Penn State in 1999.

·         In February 1999, the Manitoba Women’s Team at the Canada Winter Games, which placed fourth, consisted of seven gymnasts from the Panthers Club.  The team consisted of Leah Dlot, Jholeen Ponce, Kathryn Lee, Ashlee deLeeuw, Michelle Dewyn, Natalie Trudeau and Jaclyn Celones.  Leah Dlot, Jholeen Ponce and Ashlee deLeeuw all qualified for Individual All Around finals.  Jholeen Ponce brought home the Bronze medal on vault.

·         May 1999, Ashlee deLeeuw received the award for Best Beam Choreography at the National Championships in Vancouver, BC.

·         The highlight of the 1999/2000 competitive season is the Bronze medal won by Jholeen Ponce in Hungary.  Jholeen is the only gymnast to win the Monica Goermann award three times. 

·         At the 2000 Canadian Nationals Ashlee deLeeuw was honored for the best and most Dynamic Vault.

·         December 2000, Ashlee deLeeuw earned her High Performance Status at the Elite Canada Championships held in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

·         December 2001, Jholeen Ponce earned her High Performance Status at the Elite Canada Championships held in Toronto, Ontario.

·         Jholeen Ponce earned a 1st place on Vault, at the Canadian National Championships in Winnipeg, and was the recipient of the Monica Goermann Award for the 4th time. 

·         2002 Ashlee deLeeuw was the recipient of the Bonnie & Lynette Wittmeier Award, and received her High Performance status at Elite Canada in December

·         March 2003 Five Panthers were selected of the possible 7 to represent the Manitoba Women's Gymnastic Team in Bathhurst, New Brunswick at Canada Winter Games. Ashlee deLeeuw & Stephanie Friesen qualified for Individual All Around finals, with Ashlee deLeeuw bringing home the Silver medal on Vault.  The Women’s Gymnastic Team made history by earning a Bronze medal in the Team Category.

·         August 2003 Five Panthers were selected of the possible 6 to represent Team Manitoba at the Western Canadian Summer Games, held in Beausejour, MB. Team Manitoba won Gold in the team event.  Michelle Dewyn was the W.C.S.G. Champion, as well as Gold on Vault and Bars, with a Bronze on Beam, Toni Montanti earned Bronze in the All Around and Silver on Bars.  Stephanie Friesen earned a Bronze on Bars.

·         In 2004, Jholeen Ponce & Ashlee deLeeuw earned full gymnastic scholarships., Jholeen in Bowling Green University & Ashley in Boise State University.




·         Registrations are processed in the order that they are received.  Registrations must be complete in order to be received and to ensure your place in a class. 

·         Notification is given if your requested class is full.

·         Registration becomes effective with receipt by Panthers of the required deposit and authorization for Pre-authorized debits.. See Recreational and Competitive program information for more details.

·         With the exception of summer camp and special programs, fees are based on registration for a 30 week program delivered over 10 months beginning in September and ending in mid June.

·         Registrations will be accepted at designated registration nights.  To the extent that you are not available to attend on a designated night,  you may contact the gym for more information on when you can register. 

·         Registrations may be accepted during the course of the year when space permits and with permission from the coaches or the administrator, as appropriate.

·         For purposes of assessments and fees,  where not specified, Regional gymnasts are considered Competitive gymnasts and those fees will apply.


MGA Membership and Insurance

The Manitoba Gymnastics Association represents all gymnasts in Manitoba.  They also provide an umbrella insurance program which is mandatory if you wish to participate in gymnastics in the province. 


The MGA registration fee is included in your deposit and paid at time of  registration. Panthers  administration is responsible for submitting names of all gymnasts and applicable payment to the MGA.



Equipment Maintenance Fee

To support the escalating costs of providing equipment, Panthers requires that all registering gymnasts pay an Equipment Maintenance Fee.  This fee is based on $5.00 per Recreational gymnast and $10.00 for Pre-Competitive and Competitive gymnast.  This amount is included in the registration deposit.


Mandatory Fundraising Commitment

Panthers requires that all registering gymnasts, excluding Kindergym, participate in the mandatory fundraising program.  This program will ensure that there is a minimum level of funds raised to support the operations of the club and to provide effective programs and services to the members.  At registration, you will be required to accept an allocation of chocolates for sale and provide a pre-authorized debit representing payment for the chocolates. 

·       Recreational Gymnasts – receive a 20 bar box of chocolates (sell for $2 a piece) Competitive and Pre-Competitive Gymnasts – receive 2 - 20 bar boxes of chocolates (sell for $2 a piece)



Family Discounts

The second and each additional child in a family pay 90% of the regular fee.



A deposit representing 20% of the annual fees is to be made at the time of registration which covers fees for September and JunePre-authorized debits, each representing 10% of the annual fees, are also required at time of registration and are to be dated for the first of each month from October to May inclusive.


No registrations will be accepted as complete unless pre-authorized debits  and deposits are received.


Should payments go into arrears, the gymnast will not be allowed to attend classes until either the outstanding payments are paid or alternative payment arrangements made.  Should any cheque be returned due to insufficient funds (NSF), the payee will be responsible to reimburse Panthers a fee of $25.00.


Cancellation Policy

To maintain fees at a reasonable level, class deposits are non-refundable.  Class fees are non-refundable after February 1,  Exceptions will be made for medical reasons.  A  one month written notice is required for any gymnast withdrawing from a program.


Dress Code

For safety reasons, we require all gymnasts to have their hair tied back and bare feet. No tights, jewelry, street clothes and shoes are allowed in the gym.


Rules & Regulations

·         No chewing gum during gym class.

·         No food or drinks are allowed in the gym or in the lobby. Please use the viewing area or changing room if you would like to eat. Food is allowed in designated areas during special events.

·         For safety reasons, ALL BOOTS and SHOES must be left in the CUBICLES at the front door.

·         PANTHERS GYMNASTICS CLUB IS NOT RESPOSIBLE FOR ANY LOST OR STOLEN ARTICLES. Please label all shoes, boots and clothing to avoid confusion. We also recommend that no valuable items (jewelry, money, etc) be brought to the gym.

·         Our insurance policy states that only registered gymnasts are permitted in the gym.  Parents or siblings are not allowed in the gym unless invited by the coach.

·         Fire regulations stipulate that the staircase must remain clear and that the door is to remain shut at all times.


Cancellation of Classes

Occasionally we find it necessary to cancel a class due to hosting a competition or clinic. If this is the case, you will be given advance notice. (Parent information Board located in the front entrance)


If it is necessary to cancel classes because of inclement weather, we will leave a message on our voice mail notifying you of the cancellation.



Holiday Breaks  2008 -2009

The gym will be closed for the following holidays:


Thanksgiving                       Oct. 12                                                            

Remembrance Day              Nov. 11

Christmas Holiday               Dec 22 – Jan 4

Louis Riel Day                    Feb 16             

Spring Break                       Mar 27 – Apr 2

Good Friday                       Apr 10

Easter  Sunday                   Apr 12

Victoria Day                        May 18



Competitive gymnasts will receive a holiday training schedule from their coach.


Year End Display

Panthers runs an annual year end display that allows gymnasts the opportunity to showcase their skills for parents and family.  This display is scheduled to be held at Pantages Playhouse Theater on June 11, 2009.  Tickets will be sold commencing in April or May. Watch the notice board for more information.  Gymnasts may be asked to purchase a special bodysuit to wear for the occasion.


Communications with Parents

Our main points of communication with parents are through postings on the Panthers website ( , the foyer and lobby bulletin boards and the Leaps and Bounds newsletter.


Notes are sent home but email notification is the preferred method.  As more parents supply their email addresses, Panthers will switch over from paper notes to email notifications.  The newsletter is done on a quarterly basis at minimum and hard copies are provided in the lobby and on the bulletin board as well as posted on the website. 


For volunteer opportunities, watch the foyer window for postings.  Bingo, fundraising and general information including calendars are found on the north wall bulletin board in the foyer.


Additional posting can be found on the two bulletin boards located in the lobby.


Please remember to ask your children if they have notes as many times, when handed out the children stuff them in a gym bag and they are forgotten.


Notices or suggestions for the newsletter are always welcome.  Please contact the Newsletter Coordinator.


A listing of contact information of Board Members and coordinators will be posted on the bulletin board.  These names are also found on the website.










In addition to the parent’s commitment to ensure that the gymnasts attend classes, Panthers requires parental support towards the continued operation of the club through volunteering, fundraising, and bingos. 



Competitive and Pre-Competitive Gymnasts

Panthers Gymnastics Club is a non-profit parent run organization; therefore we require support from all parents to ensure we have high quality programs, coaches and equipment for our children. Each gymnast who trains five hours or more per week will be levied assessment fees.


Assessment fees are based on three components –Volunteer Hours, Fundraising, and Bingo. Your specific required commitments are described in the following sections. Only those obligations completed by June 15 of the current season will be credited towards your current year assessments.


Following is a schedule to show your commitment based on your child’s training hours per week.  The dollar amounts represent the assessment amount which is required to be fulfilled during the yearA pre-authorized debit for these amounts must accompany the registration form at the beginning of the season. 


Training Hours (per week)

Volunteer Hours Commitment


Commitment *


Bingo Requirement


$180(6 Hours)



5 – 8

$300 (10 hours)



9 – 12

$360 (12 hours)


$150  (1 Bingo)

13 +

$480 (16 hours)


$100  (1 Bingo)







If you fully meet your obligations by June 15th, your pre-authorized debit will be cancelled.  To the extent that there is a shortfall in any or all of the categories, you will be advised and your pre-authorized debit will be adjusted to provide payment for the difference. 

For families with more than 1 child attending, volunteer hours are assessed at 100% for the child at the highest level and 85% for the second and/or 3rd child.    Fundraising commitment is that of the child in the highest level.



Recreational Gymnasts

While the above table relates to pre-competitive and competitive gymnasts, there is also a requirement for recreational gymnasts to participate in the mandatory fundraising program.  At registration, recreational gymnasts will be required to commit to selling a 20 bar box of chocolates and will be asked to provide a pre-authorized debit for $40. 






In order to meet the ever increasing costs of providing appropriate coaching and supervision and in an effort to manage fees at a reasonable level, Panthers needs to rely on fundraising as a supplemental source of revenue.  Over the course of the year, Panthers offers many opportunities for parents to contribute their fundraising skills and efforts for the betterment of the Club.


All gymnasts are asked to participate in the fundraising activities throughout the year, and competitive/pre-competitive gymnasts are required to meet the minimum fundraising assessment. To the extent that these assessments are not met, the competitive fundraising assessment deposit will be applied to cover any shortfalls. See chart (pg 9) to find out what your commitment is.


Fundraising events vary but there is an attempt to provide a regular set of opportunities. You will be notified of upcoming activities as they arise by notices sent home with your child and by signs posted on the bulletin board.  Following is a brief summary of the anticipated fundraising campaigns throughout the year. 








August / Sept(at registration)





Peanut Free


KitKat,  Smarties,  Aero,  and Coffee Crisp. 

Our largest campaign.  For 2008/09, participation in this program is mandatory for all Panthers gymnasts.


·         Competitive and Pre-Competitive Program are required to take 2 – 20 bar boxes for $80,  and

·         Recreational participants have to take 1 – 20 bar box for $40. 


For competitive gymnasts, additional boxes are available to allow you to generate sales against your annual assessment.


Coupon Books



Bothwell Cheese

Always a favorite.  We expect to do this campaign at least twice in the year and more often if requested.


Mom’s Pantry

Stock up on your Christmas baking supplies,  spices,  and on the great assortment of frozen foods available from Mom’s Pantry.



Sobey’s Gift Cards

These are available year round


Pizza and Cheesecakes


April with May delivery

Greenhouse Plants

A great opportunity to buy your bedding plants and vegetable packs for spring planting.  Delivery is around the May long weekend and orders will be required around the middle of April.



Other campaigns will likely be initiated throughout the year as opportunities arise.  Thank you in advance for your support throughout the year. 


REMEMBER - start early in the year so you don’t get to the end of the year and have to deal with an outstanding assessment payment. 



TAG DAY:  What is Tag Day?


Each sport in Manitoba has the opportunity to go out into the community and solicit donations. This is a very common and accepted practice in Manitoba which provides an excellent opportunity for the various sports to earn funding, as well raise awareness for the Club.


In previous years, the Manitoba Gymnastics Association applied for the required permits on behalf of all the Clubs, and a "Tag Day" was assigned to the Sport of Gymnastics in the month of October.

Panthers expects to do at least one tag day in 2008/09and possibly two.


It takes a great deal of organization, gymnast and parent participation, and cooperation from the business community to have a successful Tag Day.  This is one of the few organized events we ask members to participate in for it to be a success, with 100% of the proceeds going back into the Club.   Proceeds from Tag Day do not apply to fundraising assessments, but participating gymnasts are rewarded with a fun event to celebrate the day.


Please check the Parent Information Board in the lobby for locations and times. 




As we are a parent owned and run organization, we rely heavily on volunteers to successfully complete each season. Volunteering can be offered in many ways, such as helping at in­-house competitions, coordinating a scheduled fundraiser, cleaning, maintenance, and changing the reader board.  Typical volunteer events include the following:




Fall Registration Night


Tag Day

October and/or June

JP Competitions

December & May                  

Snowflake Competition


April Competition


Year End Display


*These are estimated times and may change depending on the 2008/2009 final schedule and may not list all opportunities.


Whenever volunteers are required, a signup sheet will be posted on the bulletin board in the lobby.  Be sure to check the Parent information board regularly as this is the only form of notice to tell you about up coming volunteer hours.


Volunteer commitment is mandatory for gymnasts who train four hours or more but any volunteer hours done by recreational parents are greatly appreciated.


Each time you complete any volunteer hours to be used toward your assessment commitment, you must fill out a volunteer assessment form, have it signed and placed in the appropriate mailbox. Without this form you will not be credited for any hours you have completed.


At the end of the gymnastic season, if your volunteer commitment has not been completed, the remaining hours are calculated at a rate of $30.00 per hour.


If you require any further information about fulfilling your hours or, to inquire about how many remaining hours you have during the year, please contact the Volunteer coordinator.



The Manitoba government provides sports funding through Bingos.  Sports organizations have the opportunity to raise funds by working volunteer hours at Bingo events held in the Winnipeg casinos.   The Manitoba Gymnastics Association currently assigns The Panthers Gymnastics Club bingo spots throughout the year.


About every three months upcoming Bingo dates will be posted on the lobby bulletin board.  If your child trains nine hours or more, it is your responsibility to sign up for your allotted bingo.  .


Bingo Rules


v  Bingo volunteers may be a family member or a friend. Volunteer must be 18 years of age or older.

v  You will be contacted by telephone prior to the bingo date as a reminder that you have volunteered. If you cannot be contacted personally, it will be your responsibility to show up for your bingo, you must find your own replacement. The Bingo coordinator will try to assist you but it is ultimately your responsibility to send someone in your place. The replacement volunteer need not be a Panther member.

v  Please check location of bingo site as they do rotate from the McPhillips Street Station to Club Regent.

v  You must arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled bingo time. We will be assessed a late fee by the Manitoba Lotteries if we arrive after the scheduled time. This fee will be your responsibility.

v  When you arrive at the bingo hall, please sign the Manitoba Gymnastics Association’s sign-up sheet. One of the volunteers will have the sheet. If it is not brought forward, ask to see it. The Manitoba Gymnastics Association requires each club member to sign-in so they are aware of what gym clubs are working the bingos. If you do not sign-in, they will assume we did not participate and we will be fined.

v  If you have volunteered for a bingo and do not show up and have not sent a substitute, you will be responsible the $100 fine that Manitoba Gymnastics Association will charge us. If the Club has three no shows during a six-month period, the club will lose it bingo allotments for an entire year and therefore a source of revenue.

v Please DO NOT PHONE THE GYM regarding your bingo commitment. Please contact the Bingo coordinator.






During the year, there may be opportunities for gymnasts to travel out of the city, province, or country to attend competitions.  Panthers believes that these trips provide benefits and learning experiences to gymnasts.  Gymnasts may travel to competitions provided that the following conditions are met:


v  The gymnast is a member in good standing with the Club.

v  Approval to travel has been granted by the Head Coach.

v  A signed travel form has been returned to the Head Coach. This form contains details on expenses, responsibilities and conduct.

v  Gymnasts are required to bring sufficient funds for meals and personal spending.


General Information

v  Competitions are selected by the coaching staff and are prioritized according to the benefits for the individuals and the entire team, taking into account the development needs of the gymnasts at that time.

v  The Club pays for expenses incurred by the traveling coaches, thereby reducing total competitive charges that would otherwise be assessed to the athlete.

v  The Club arranges transportation and accommodation. Individual responses must be in-hand prior to meet deadlines; if not, the parents are responsible for making their own travel arrangements.

v  Any expenses incurred during travel will be billed to the gymnast upon return, such as, gas, ground transportation, group site seeing, and other group expenses approved by the head of the delegation.

v  Panthers when attending out of town competitions travel as a team. This will include staying in their own accommodations supervised by coaching staff.  By traveling this way, it promotes team spirit and many positive experiences for the gymnast.  Parents are welcome to come watch the competitions providing they have their own accommodations and travel arrangements.  If a parent wishes to spend time with their child on a separate outing during the Panther trip,  they will be requested to sign out their child with the responsible coach and return the child at an agreed time which will not interfere with competition or competition preparation.

v  On occasion, it may be determined to let gymnasts travel and stay with a parent but these are exceptions and not the general practice or policy of the team.









      An athlete shall show respect:

v  for herself

vfor others

vfor all rules of the Club

vfor the property of the Club

vfor the rules and regulations of all other Clubs.



      An athlete shall:

v  be punctual for all training times and competitions

v  phone gym to notify and explain lateness or absences prior to class beginning.



      An athlete shall:

v  communicate to coach any concerns they feel are important to gymnastics.

v  keep communication channels open at all times.



      An athlete shall:

v  accept and follow training plans made by the coaches

v  train to the maximum of her abilities to fulfill her personal goals at all times.

v  display a positive attitude and motivation at all times.


Dress Code:

      An athlete shall:

v  have her/his hair tied back while training.

v  not wear any jewelry or tights in the gym

v  wear club bodysuit and tracksuit at all competitions or club events.


Outcome & Procedures:

      Any athlete who breaches the code of conduct will be:

v  immediately suspended if an offence jeopardizes the safety of another athlete or coach

v  given a verbal warning and a timeout for a first offence

v  given a verbal warning, a written warning and a longer timeout for a second offence

v  given a verbal and written warning plus a meeting with parents

      and a one practice suspension for a third offence

v  termination of membership and exclusion from the program if a fourth offence occurs.












      Parents shall show respect:

v  for their child

v  for the coaches

v  for others

v  for the Club by acting as Ambassadors for the Club

v  for all rules and regulations of the Club

v  for the property of the Club

v  for the rules and regulations of all other Clubs.



      Parents shall:

v  ensure that their child is punctual for all training times and competitions

v  phone gym to notify and explain lateness or absences prior to class beginning.



      Parents shall:

v  communicate to their child’s coach any concerns they feel are

      important to gymnastics and their child’s training.

v  keep communication channels open at all times.



      Parents shall support their child by:

v  only using positive statements of encouragement to their child.

v  providing additional resources such as medical, psychological, technical, etc.

v  fulfilling their volunteer, fundraising and bingo assessments.


Viewing room & Lobby:

v  the upstairs viewing area is the only designated viewing area

v  It is a privilege not a right.

v  Viewing area may be closed at times with no advanced notice.

v  help keep the viewing area and lobby clean and tidy

v  all doors to the gym are to be kept closed

v  use calm and respectful behavior

v  use only positive statements

v  supervise your own children who are waiting for their sibling to finish gym

v  do not leave siblings unsupervised playing in the lobby or on the stairs

v  provide quiet toys for waiting siblings

v  no one is allowed in the ballet room. This is a restricted area for Participants only !

v  Offices and office equipment are not for general parental use

v  Respect the furniture in lobby and viewing area and

      do not allow children to stand or jump on it



Outcome & Procedures:

      Any parent who breaches the code of conduct will be:

v  immediately expelled from premises if disrespectful or if the offence jeopardizes the safety of others.

      Panthers has a zero tolerance on disrespect, intimidation or aggression.

v  given a verbal warning for a first offence

v  given a verbal warning, a written warning and the exclusion

      from the viewing area for a second offence

v  given a verbal and written warning plus a meeting and a week suspension

       from the viewing area and a one practice suspension for the child if a third offence

v  termination of membership if a fourth offence occurs.
















Our mailing address is:


Panthers Gymnastics Club                                                              Phone:  (204) 233-0187

1016 Marion Street                                                                                   Fax:  (204) 235-1850

Winnipeg, MB R2J 0K8                                                          Email:



Head Coaches

Robert Persechino                                                                          Phone:  (204) 233-0187

Helene Desmarais                                                                          Phone:  (204) 233-0187


Recreation Coordinator

 Desiree Loutit                                                                                Phone:  (204) 233-0187



Sandra Grevstad                                                                            Phone:  (204) 233-0187




·         The Board of Directors each holds a one year term from November to October.  Elections are held each October.  A list of the Board of Directors will always be posted on the bulletin boards. 

·         If you or anyone you know is interested in become a Board Member please contact the office prior to elections.

·         As a parent-run organization we welcome your comments and suggestions.  The Board Members each have their own mailboxes next to the office where you may leave your comments or suggestions.  

·         Please contact the Fund-raising Board Member with any fund-raising ideas.  We welcome any new fundraising ideas.  



Privacy of personal information is governed by the Personal Information Protection and Electronics Documents Act (“PIPEDA”). This policy describes the way that the Panthers Gymnastics Club collects, uses, retains, safeguards, discloses and disposes of personal information, and states Panthers’ commitment to collecting, using and disclosing personal information responsibly. This policy is based on the standards required by PIPEDA, and Panthers’ interpretation of these responsibilities.


A copy of this policy is posted on the bulletin board in the front entrance. If you would like further information, you  can contact the Panthers Privacy Officer, Sandra Grevstad at 233-0187.



Panthers has and extensive Sponsorship Program which offers your Company valuable advertisement opportunities, as well the satisfaction of supporting worthy community programs.


We have packages to suite large Corporate partners who wish to be involved at a variety of levels, as well as smaller advertisement packages, which could include a Panther Paw on our Club Donor Wall.


With your investment we would continue to provide the high quality of programs to which the Panthers membership is accustomed.  As well we continue to enhance athletic development.


For more information about our Sponsorship Program, please contact our office at 233-0187.









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