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Our Coaches

Our coaches are all former gymnasts and as such have a wealth of knowledge and
experience when it come to understanding what a gymnast feels and goes through.

They are constantly educating themselves in all aspect of gymnastics by participating in conferences, technical clinics,
National Certification Courses, and first aid courses. As well, some coaches are mentored closely by Senior coaches and Head coaches.

Lydia Barsalou

Katey Beach

Kelsey Berkowski

Emily Blackner

Elyse Blaquiere

Michelle Bonner

Dana Cartlidge

Laura Cartlidge

Megan Charriere

Mia Danis

Svetlana Davidov

April Demeule

Amy Desjardins

Claire Desjardins

Jessika Dowhanik

Madeline Esau

Alexis Gillespie

Nicole Gobert

Lauren Hawkins

Kate-Lynne Hickey

Erin Honke

Taytum Hutchison

Lauren Jackman

Alexa Jaworsky

Linda Joy Kaddu

Matthew Kokeza

Emma Leipsic

Raya McGill

Genevieve Michaud

Michelle Monette

Claire Morham

Valeria Riazanski

Yelena Riazanski

Sarah Ridley

Julie Sorin

Aaron Toews

Courtney Vermette

Nicole Ward

Kasha Webster

Rebecca Wilson-Abreu