Registration Information

Registration and payments for all entry level classes is done online with real time availability.  Follow the appropriate link for classes or summer camps and complete the fields as required.  Classes with prerequisites or by invitation only will require the link to the class or class code to register.

Below you will find some helpful information in navigating the online registration system or you can always contact the office for assistance.

Thank you for your interest in Panthers Gymnastics and we look forward to seeing you soon!

  • Click the registration key and a login pop up will open.  Choose “create an account” and enter your email and password that will be used to enter your private personal portal.
  • You will be offered a tutorial “Welcome to Amilia”, close that window and you will be asked to provide the main account holders information.
  • Click blue “+” button “add another person” and add the child enrolling in the class. Complete the required fields and then click on the “+” by the name to attach the class to the child.
  • You will be given the choice to pay in full or the installment plan.  Once you chose your option a pop-up screen will come up with the “mandatory membership” (value of your fundraising and volunteer) equivalent to your assessment level.  Chose the “0 now, 1 installment option” unless you plan on doing no fundraising or volunteer and would like to pay it out right away. This will be posted to your account and you will be credited throughout the season as you complete your fundraising and volunteer commitments. If you do not have a credit card or bank account that you will be drawing from i.e. payments will by made by an outside organization, please choose to pay both options in full as you will be then permitted to have offline payments as an option.  This must be done for both the class and the membership to have that choice displayed.
  • Recreational families can continue shopping and add a second child at this time. Click on the programs key to find the class you need then repeat the above steps only adding the second child at this time.
  • Continue to checkout where you can again review the information and complete the full family and payment information.  If you have chosen the offline option, you have 10 days to submit the deposit payment and plan directly with the office.

Recreational and Preschool Registration

Registration for new members is coming in mid June for our upcoming 2023/2024 Recreational and Preschool season.  Existing recreational gymnasts will be receiving report cards that tell you what level to register in for next season as well as the code required should it be in our developmental or higher programs.

If you are going to be away for the remainder of the season due to injury, but plan on registering for next season please email the club so we can let you know where to register.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you next season.

2023/24 Registration Opens June 2023
REGISTER HERE for Summer Camp
2023/24 REGISTRATION Opens early June